Enjoying The Nights | Sydney's Emerging Electronic Band Posted on 15 Oct 12:53

"Our music aims to make you feel something. Every song is grounded in an emotion."

Those listening closely, would of noticed a change in Sydney's Creative Arts scene. Social media continues to make the world smaller, connecting people, and exposing them to an ever-changing and dynamic view of the world. This in turn has affected how individuals absorb, and how artists create today.  

This idea of a dynamic Creative Arts scene spans from musicians and performers, to artists in the sense of painters, drawers and sculptures, and further to brands like ours, who look to create their own form of lifestyle. This new dynamic has pushed artists and businesses, to explore new ways to engage people, to evoke an emotion, and to create an experience. We are constantly on this search, and what we have found and continue to discover, always excites us.

One group of creative minds we've had the pleasure of working with is Sydney based, electronic band 'The Nights', made up of the individually talented; Walter Flamenco, Rob Campbell and Thomas Marland. Whenever, we host events or even think about holding parties, these three gentleman and their collective genius, come to mind.

We sat down with our good friend Walter from The Nights to discuss the release of their new EP, the inspiration behind it, and the journey of how their creation came to be.

Can you tell us about how you all met?

We met while I (Walter) was studying music production, Rob was the GM of the college; him and Tom had started producing tracks together. They asked me to join as they had a vision to create a more dynamic live-show. So as you can see the idea of an immersive live show was how it all started.

Our first real gig as a trio was at the Oxford Art Factory. I remember the first moment when the song we’d been writing on our laptops came out of that OAF sound system, and it blew our minds. We’d never heard them through a full range system before. It was a moment that changed everything for me. It made our dreams seem real for the first time.

The response that night from the audience was amazing, and we felt like what we had done was pretty special. So from that moment it became clear that we could actually achieve what we had set out to create.

What was the main inspiration behind your concept?

The name The Nights gives a lot of insight into what we’re all about. It’s moody, it’s dark, it’s sexy. Individually we have such varied influences both musically and creatively. But what we share in common is our passion for exploring the emotive side of electronic music. Our music aims to make you feel something. Every song is grounded in an emotion.

Describe your playing style?

We're all about playing live. It's why we do what we do. It's like a party up onstage for us. Production can be quite meticulous and calculated, so when we're onstage it's about letting it all go. Stop overthinking it, enjoy the moment and the people around us. Rob's Hair is pretty much the fourth member of The Nights. It's a thing of beauty seeing that mane run wild on stage. Definitely the highlight of the show.

Any upcoming events/releases you have in the pipeline?

We’re excited to release our third EP next Friday (19th of Oct). Two songs inspired by our early days out on the town, when we were first exposed to electronic music. Venues like Club77 (hence the name of one of the tracks) is where we first fell in love with what we do today.

List some items which you can’t live without?

Toothpaste and deodorant… There’s few things worse than smelling bad.

List your top 3 tracks available for people to listen to now?

Fallen - This is definitely a special one for us… we’re really proud of how this one turned out. It achieves a space we’ve been trying to reach for a while. A hard hitting track filled with emotion and euphoria. We recommend you picking your poison of choice, dimming the lights, and letting it take you on a journey.

Click Here to visit The Nights artist page (Release date 19th/10)

Love Tonight (The Nights Remix) - We feel this one has gotten a little overlooked in terms of our catalogue. It has the best of all of the elements that define our sound, from a brooding and introspective introduction to an all out heavy dance section.

Click Here to listen to Love Tonight (The Nights Remix)

Other Issues - This is so much fun to play live. It really goes from 0-100 in terms of elements building up over time, starting from a sparse kick & chopped rhodes piano sample, to an all out synth and percussion jam. We think it really achieves the balance of emotion and driving dance music.

Click Here to listen to Other Issues - The Nights

What's a quote you live by?

“Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back” - (unknown)

Everyone makes mistakes. So make heaps. Learn from them and move on bigger and better.

We will be celebrating the launch of The Night's new EP "FALLEN/SEVENTY7" at our William Street Festival "After Party". See below for more!