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"We focused on a couple of key things when deciding on our bean, including the sustainability of the growing region, the consistency in product and roast quality from our wholesaler, and of course the grind density."


"Curiosity killed the cat" they say. Well, in the case of Lewis and Bryan's endeavour, the curious Sydney-siders have managed to create a pretty damn good Cold Drip coffee. To date the brand Cold Drip Co. is barely a year old; manufacturing out of their Surry Hills workshop, small hand-made batches of 50 bottles are produced and sent Australia-wide into the hands of lucky customers, cafes and boutique stores, such as ours. 

We first came across the Cold Drip Co. when co-founder Lewis Evans dropped by our Paddington store to showcase his new product and gather some feedback - bear in mind the brand itself had been operational for only a mere couple of months. One sip of their cold brew and we were immediately in love; normally we are classic espresso drinkers, but after tasting their drink we knew right away this is what we wanted to serve our customers everyday in our stores. Now we serve a complimentary cold drip to every customer booking a Made-to-Measure appointment, and bottles are available to purchase in-store and online. 

As well as being stockists, we frequently team up with the lads and organise pop-up events across our two stores. Lewis has a knack for making a delicious espresso martini, using a blend of their original cold brew, a Nitro-keg and some alcoholic mixers; these events are held frequently at our Paddington showroom and are open invitation to all of our customers!

Lewis and Bryan both have a background in engineering, and the process to make their cold brew is nothing short of scientific genius. They start off by chilling purified water down to 3 degrees in an ice bath, then through a hand crafted, fully automated system thousands of little iced droplets are dripped onto a bed of their single origin Colombian coffee beans.

This slow drip extraction process takes over 8 hours to complete, and ensures the subtle flavours of the coffee beans are released; notes of plum and chocolate flavour the cold drip throughout, and any hint of acidity or bitterness is removed. The boys have also developed an algorithm which measures, calculates and dictates how every drip falls during the making process. The guys love to get into detail about their production and you can catch them at the Carriageworks Markets every Saturday morning, or next time we have an in-store pop-up, they're always up for a chat. 


When was the idea for Cold Drip Co. established?

We were at South by South West in Austin, Texas last year  - we were drinking Nitro Cold Brew in a little cafe outside and by the side of the road. We were super hungover and a little over the whole digital industry when we decided we were going to start making something together, something physical. It wasn't until we got home that we realised that that something would be coffee, and of all things, Cold Drip coffee. We started slow, playing with building our own dripper and a recipe that would make Cold Drip the way we liked it, and a year later we now have a system for producing premium Cold Drip Coffee that tastes amazing and deliver all around Australia.


Where did you and Brian meet?

We met at work, Bryan as the consultant and me as the client working on a 12 week project where we were stuck together in a little project room. It wasn't too long before we realised how similar we were, and how our passions for cooking, making stuff with our hands and crazy ideas were all too mutual.

Give me summary of what a week looks like for you, places you visit, activities you participate in, work schedule and the people you spend time with?

B: Monday to Friday is Management Consulting during the day for Deloitte Digital, then either Cold Drip Co. maker, or cooking. Weekends are for Cold Drip Co. thinking about the next big thing, riding my motorbike and creating.

L: My Monday to Friday is spent working in the Product Innovation team at Telstra Media, designing and building Telstra TV. I visit Skittle Lane most days for an afternoon double espresso and a small Japanese 'hole in the wall' for prawn tempura sushi. I run our market stall at Carriageworks every Saturday morning and the rest of my weekend is spent with a nice pale ale, chilling in the garden of the Oaks or listening to some music at the Hordern Pavillion.

List some items which you can’t live without?

B: Macbook Pro W/ Adobe Creative Cloud, and Fusion 360, OPAL & Credit Card, Whisky glass and bottle of 2010 (Cold Drip Co.’s original blend).

L: iPhoneX, Black leather 'Bellroy' wallet, QWSTION waxed canvas back pack, Google MIni and my 'Baxter' tortoise shell hair comb.


Write me a quote to live by?

B: "Fuck ordinary"

L: "Strong opinions, loosely held" 

What’s your coffee/breakfast routine in the morning?

B: Cold Drip in a whisky glass with a big chunk of ice. One piece of Sonoma sourdough toast with Pics peanut butter and butter. Check Slack, some tech-news sites, watch a Youtube video from Sparkfun, and then get amongst it.

L: I wake up pretty late, get showered and dressed quick, pour some Cold Drip into my glass, keep cup and wander down to catch the ferry to Circular quay. I sit outside on the right side benches and look out over the water as I head into the office, drinking my coffee.

How is cold drip best served?

Serve chilled; poured over a large ice cube in a crystal cut glass and sipped patiently.

What are the benefits of cold drip compared to conventional hot coffee, and how is this achieved through the process of the cold drip press? 

All the steps we’ve taken up til now in defining our Cold Drip process is meticulously chosen to extract the fullest and most consistent flavour possible from every bean and every batch. By keeping things small batch - despite our ability to scale - super chilling our water, sourcing the perfect beans and enhancing the filtration process, we've significantly reduced the acidity and bitterness seen in other methods, and produced a Cold Drip so incredibly smooth, and full of deep chocolate and stone-fruit flavours. This means you can enjoy a rich, black coffee without the need for added milk or sugar additives. A drink you can relax with and sip; enjoyed on a lovely summer morning or late Sunday afternoon. Not only that, it makes for the perfect base for a Cold Drip martini with friends.

You use a single origin Colombian coffee bean for your cold drip. How important is the coffee bean to the end result and why was this particular bean for you?

The bean is super important, after all your dealing with a product made up of only two ingredients. We focused on a couple of key things when deciding on our bean, including the sustainability of the growing region, the consistency in product and roast quality from our wholesaler and of course the grind density. Most importantly though, we chose a bean that delivered a full palate of flavour that people loved, and differentiated us from the often very light and floral Cold Drip coffees we'd seen in cafes around Sydney.


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- Article by Ruben Espejel