BELANCĒ Fashion Film 'Aude Sapere' Posted on 23 Feb 10:51


Our latest fashion film titled 'Aude Sapere' was inspired by the Latin proverb "dare to know". Featuring our Made-to-Measure garments and in store accessories; this project was a conceptual undertaking to inspire others to think outside the box, or at least 'dare' to. 

We teamed up with Colombian film director Claudio Corredor, whom was on the forefront of the film's creative vision. Claudio's goal was to capture Sydney's hidden beauties, of all forms, and this is evident in the location, wardrobe and cast featured in the film.

 It was such an enjoyable feat to step outside of our comfort zone, and flex our creative muscles in platform such as filmography, we hope you take the time to enjoy this film as much as we had the pleasure of making it.