A Horological Journey Into Australian Watch Company - Bausele Posted on 06 May 11:41

 Whenever I need questions answered in regards to watches my first reaction is to contact our good friend Christophe Hoppe, although he insists everyone refer to him as Christo. No doubt Christo has exceptional knowledge pertaining to anything within the horological sphere, although it's his charisma, complimented by his tall stature that makes him a joy to speak and listen to, I always find myself learning something new after we talk.

We've had the pleasure of stocking Christo's brand Bausele in BELANCĒ for 2 years now, the brand itself has flourished since its inception in 2011 and boasts a curated line-up of fantastically designed watches: the OceanMoon, Driver, Terra Australis and the newly released unisex model Noosa, which you can find in-store. Across the four silhouette's from Bausele, each thoughtful design offers the wearer something different; the OceanMoon can be described as rugged, durable and a definite statement piece, in contrast is the more recent Noosa, which employs aesthetically soft lines and curves complimented by a dial that is more minimal in its design.

Christo is originally from Switzerland and fell in love wholeheartedly with Australia as a country and culture. With previous experience working with the biggest names in the horological market back in his home country, Christo decided to create a brand which express both his love for Australia and horological instruments. Every watch has a piece of Australia inside it; in the crown of the OceanMoon you will find red earth from Australia's Northern Territory and sand from Whitehaven beach in the Noosa watch. Wearers of a Bausele watch will always carry a piece of Australia.

BAUSELE is an acronym for Beyond AUStralian ELEments. 




How would you describe the Bausele customer?


We are lucky to have a wide spectrum of customers, this is thanks to our diverse range of watches. Our customers are both women and men but mostly active, successful and comfortable in owning a watch not everybody else has. Something different and unique! They are mainly Australians who like to support an Australian company, or they are people from overseas wanting to bring back a beautiful piece of Australia with them.


What are the main materials and horological components of Bausele that are seldom seen in other watch companies today?


We have our own production unit in joint venture with Flinders University in Adelaide where we manufacture our on components, which are then sent back to Switzerland to be assembled. We are proud to be bringing watch manufacturing to Australia! All our components are of the highest quality and standard, this is the reason why we give a 5 year warranty on all our watches.


You’re going on an overseas trip to Europe, along the way you’ll encounter intense weather, glamorous beaches and attend lucrative events. Which watch do you bring on your trip, and why?


I will have to take the OceanMoon Cave Black. It looks good in any occasion and thanks to its easy interchangeable strap system, you can have the leather for the more serious meetings or going out and the silicon band to go for a swim or any physical activity. What I like to do is take a brown leather and black silicon so it can go with any of my belts and shoes colour-way.




Australian culture is heavily engrained in Bausele’s imagery and brand identity, what inspired this strong connection?


The natural beauty of our incredible country! We are very lucky to be calling this country home. Australia has a strong image around the world and I am selling the best of Australia to the world.


What’s your favourite location in Australia to visit? Give our readers one popular location and a lesser-known one. 


You don't need to go far...go snorkeling in Manly and more precisely between South Steyne and Shelly beach and you feel like swimming in a huge aquarium. Pretty incredible that we have a place like this in the heart of Sydney!

A bit further from Sydney, Blueys beach and Myall lake area is very pretty for a weekend with the family and friends.


Thank you Christo! - BELANCĒ Team 


- Article by Ruben Espejel