The Underrated Pinstripe: Part 1 Posted on 10 May 16:19

One thing we consistently see in Made-to-Measure appointments relates to striped fabrics. With casual wearability a main objective for many men, pinstripes are often quickly dismissed in favour of a fabric ostensibly more versatile. The pinstripe suit tends to be seen as belonging exclusively to the boardroom.

Here we'll give you a few tips on how to wear your pinstripes in a casual setting.





What better way to subvert corporate connotation than by incorporating a quintessential piece of casual wear? Our suggestion? Keep it simple with a pair of clean, white leather sneakers.

The key here is to select a streamlined, elegant pair which doesn't detract from the clean lines of a suit. A modest hint of detailing will add some personality to your look, but avoid going overboard.

We really like these two Beyene models:

 Roll them up



Add a touch of carefree, relaxed comfort by rolling your pants up slightly to expose some ankle. If you're like us and hate the feeling of shoes without socks, pick up a few pairs of invisible socks - they will help to keep your shoes odour free...and probably help you avoid some awkward situations...

White sneakers work well but don't hesitate to mix it up; a pair of well-made brogues can look just as rakish.


Mix with other casual pieces


There are so many ways this can be pulled off successfully, we thought better to illustrate some of our favourite looks.

A few things worth keeping in mind:

  • Pants will generally be more versatile than the jacket, but don't discount rocking the jacket with your favourite denim and some brogues.
  • Pinstripes already have quite a big impact, so keep it relatively simple with your other pieces.
  • Keeping within one hue (blues with blues, greys with greys and so forth) will tend to work better than having many colours in play. However, feel free to add in lighter, neutral tones - this will rarely disrupt the aesthetic of an outfit.